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What is the
ILET Network?

Founded in 2019, we’ve since built a global platform capable of delivering training, facilitating discussions, driving innovation, and promoting the evolution of industry best practices. Our aim is to improve organizational capacities while also increasing the successful operational performance of individuals.

From the U.S. to Europe, Canada to Brazil, Australia, Mexico, and beyond, we are proud to collaborate with a wide range of partners across multiple industries. Private and public entities, including NGOs and government agencies, help to accelerate this collaborative network around the globe.

A key foundation for all ILET members and staff is our commitment to our brothers, sisters, and others who have served, and continue to serve, our communities in a variety of ways. In support of this goal, we are proud to continuously raise funds to support Health & Wellness initiatives for First Responders through our “I Got Your Six” Campaign.

We are pubic safety professionals, trainers, researchers, veterans, collaborators, and innovators.

ILET at ILEETA 2021, Police, Law Enforcement, Tactical Breakdown Podcast

In the Spring of 2019, our founder, Adam Kinakin, started a new podcast called The Tactical Breakdown. The core premise was to give members of the public safety, emergency response, and military a “behind-the-scenes” look at how we create and deliver training.

Our Story

The podcast got immediate traction by quickly reaching 50,000 downloads in over 82 countries, so in December 2019, a conversation started around delivering unmatched access to training to officers around the world. This initial concept became what is now the ILET Summit.

Fast forward to March 2020, Covid-19 restrictions have effectively shut down all training around the world and the inaugural International Law Enforcement Training (ILET) Summit was hosted 100% online to approx 10,000 law enforcement professionals from 76 countries.

Facilitate. Engage. Evolve.

Our Mission

Our Vision can only be realized through unrelenting commitment to our Mission. Our daily objectives are to: (1) Facilitate both communication and training, improving both organizational and operational efficacy; and (2) Engage stimulating conversations to establish new mental models and challenge established beliefs.

Within the ILET Network, we promote Evolution; a process of positive growth and diversification within ourselves and within our industry. Led by our fundamental principles of encouraging analytical thought, inviting criticism, and driving evidence-based practices, we help build public understanding, capacity, and support.

We value integrity, transparency, efficiency, efficacy, and personal responsibility, for both individuals and organizations.



We value high-quality, ethical, and legally defensible practices that contribute to improved decision-making, program improvements, and policy formulation.

Best Practices


We value internally focused and critical self-assessment and analysis.

Personal Growth


We value an inclusive and diverse international community, welcoming members at any point in their career, from any context, and representing a wide range of thoughts and approaches.



We value training and the continual development toward higher standards of learning.

High Standards


We value a holistic approach to Health & Wellness, prioritizing quality of life, peer support, and resiliency through all phases of public service.

Health & Wellness


Core Values

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